Scala – External Config File

Reusing the existing Config XML that is referred by Pentaho Data Integration Tool





<param0 property1=”value-01″></param0>

<param1 property2=”value-02″></param1>






* Created by Nag Arvind Gudiseva on 07-Apr-2016.
object MainJob extends App {


val xml = XML.loadFile(“/apps/pentaho_nfs/CUSTOMER/MODULE/input/xmls/nag_config.xml”)


// Set Variables
val property1 = (xml \\ “params” \\ “@property1”) text

val property2 = (xml \\ “params” \\ “@property2”) text


println(“*************** input_param_from_XML **********************”)

println(“property1: ” + property1)

println(“property2: ” + property2)

println(“********************* [End] ****************************”)



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