Git Commands on Windows

Install Git on Windows

1. Download the latest Git for Windows stand-alone installer

2. Use the default options from Next and Finish.

3. Open Command Prompt

4. Configure Git username and email (be associated with any commits)

    Git global setup:

    C:\> git config --global "Nag Arvind Gudiseva"
    C:\> git config --global ""

Git Command line instructions

    A. Create a new repository

    C:\> git clone
    C:\> cd analytics-sample-project
    C:\> touch
    C:\> git add
    C:\> git commit -m "add README"
    C:\> git push -u origin master

B. Existing folder or Git repository

    C:\> cd existing_folder
    C:\> git init
    C:\> git remote add origin
    C:\> git add .
    C:\> git commit
    C:\> git push -u origin master

C. In Linux

    $ git config --global http.proxy ""
    $ cd ~/gudiseva
    $ git init
    $ git status
    $ git add arvind.jpeg
    $ git commit -m “Add arvind.jpeg.”
    $ git remote add origin
    $ git remote -v
    $ git remote status
    $ git remote diff
    $ git push


Jersey Multipart File Upload Maven Project

Create Maven Project with the below archetype (Jersey Version: 2.9; Jetty Version: 9.2.18.v20160721):

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.glassfish.jersey.archetypes -DarchetypeArtifactId=jersey-quickstart-webapp -DarchetypeVersion=2.9

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