Sri Manchi Maramma Temple

Location: Manchi Malai, Denkanikottai Taluka, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu

Route: Bangalore -> Attibele -> TVS Motor Company Limited, Hosur -> Denkanikottai -> Mallikarjuna Durgam, Andevanapalli -> Anchetty -> Natrampalayam -> Manchi Malai -> Billgundala -> Hotel Tamilnadu, Hogenakkal

Distance: Around 130 KM (No Tolls)

Direction: Between Natrampalayam and Billgundala, take a diversion to Left

Languages: Kannada (Natively Spoken); Telugu (Mother Tongue); Tamil (Official / State)

About Temple:  Deity Maramma is an ancient, very powerful goddess of the region.  Devotees visit the temple with a strong wish in heart.  If the goddess is pleased, she would drop a flower to indicate that the wish would be fulfilled.  In future, when the wish gets fulfilled, devotees can perform poojas, abhishekam, offer anna danam, donations, etc as a goodwill gesture.

Flower Wish Timings: 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM; 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM (Except Saturday and Monday)

Mobile Networks: Signal Available (BSNL & Vodafone); No Signal (Airtel & Idea)

Photograph of Sri Manchi Maramma goddess:


Day Trip (Ex Bangalore): Manchi Maramma Temple – Hogenakkal – Mallikarjuna Durgam

Started at 6:00 AM from Marathahalli, Bangalore.  Reached Manchi Malai by 8:30 AM.  It was a quick Dharshan.  Had a fabulous breakfast (Pattu and Masala Vada) at Attapallam Bus Stop.  Drive on the banks of River Kaveri was awesome.  There were plenty picnic spots.  Stopped short of Hogenakkal town and went to the shore of River Kaveri.  Enjoyed playing with water and sitting on the rocks.

Towards Hogenakkal, paid an entry fee of Rs. 30/-.  Thereafter, Rs. 20/- was looted on the road (at the junction of Dharmapuri – Hogenakkal Road and Hogenakkal – Anchetty Road) for parking.  Finally, parked at Hotel Tamilnadu parking lot, which is the closest to the tourist spot for the actual fee of Rs. 20/-.

A grand welcome by Fish Cooks, Oil Masseur Personnel and other Hawkers.  Looked like an artificial spot with fixtures.  Hanging bridge entrance costs Rs. 5/-, is worth visiting to get glance of the Waterfall.  Exit to the hanging bridge is closed, which is entrance to the Parisal Point (located inside island on Kaveri River).

Hogenakkal seemed like an enjoyment place rather than a tourist destination.  Well suited for bachelors with no entertainment for ladies.  After an oil massage, one can take shower at one of the crowded streams.  One need not worry for an extra pair of clothes.  Facility to wash and dry clothes is available.  Cloth Pressers are also available to iron clothes.

Adjoining Fish Market has varieties of fishes to choose from.  Hand over the fish to one of the expert female cooks to prepare.  Meanwhile, one can grab some beer from Hotel Tamilnadu, AC Bar.  On return, delicious fish curry and fish fry with steamed rice is ready to be served.  Plates, water bottles and containers can be bought from the Shopping zone.  Find a place under the shade and enjoy the hot delicacies.  After some rest and power nap, it’s time to drive back to Bangalore.  For vegetarians, buffet at Hotel Tamilnadu for Rs. 85/- should be adjustable.

Departed at 4:00 PM from Hogenakkal.  On Anchetty – Denkanikottai Road, on the hill top there is a Mallikarjuna and Bhramarambha Temple at Durgam.  After an ascend of roughly 300 steps, one can take the blessings of the deities.  Priest is available only on Friday and Monday.  Other days, keys are available with the temple staff downhill.

As per the history, this temple was constructed by Chola Kings, around 1000 years ago.  Thereafter, Tipu Sultan carried out the altercation of the temple.  Earlier, this region (part of Thondandu) was under Mysore Kingdom.  Durgam used to be a well flourished town with 3000 houses.  Thereafter, due to the curse, the occupants of the town reduced to 300 and to the present 3 houses.  It seems the curse is over now.  Villagers have come forward to renovate this temple and are contributing with donations.

After a refreshing view of the surroundings, it was time to head back to Bangalore.  En-route, after a light dinner at Attibele, reached home by 9:00 PM.


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